My 2017 To-Do List.

We all have grand ambitions at the commencement of each new year. I do too (deal) and I try to keep my to-dos-before-the-end-of-the-year as manageable and realistic as possible. I try not to make them specific items that cost money (like “buy a car” for example). I try not to make them things that cost me time with those I care about. And I try and relate them back to my overall goals of who I want to be, what kind of educator, woman, partner and aspiring runner I hope to see myself as by this time next year. Here’s my list:

  1. Run two half-marathons
  2. Drive the California coast
  3. Be the best substitute teacher I can be, considering I’ve never done it before and I’m terrified
  4. Fit my jeans from three years ago
  5. Do one month of sobriety
  6. Get a drastic haircut
  7. Move back to where I currently consider home
  8. See at least 5 concerts
  9. Travel to see at least one of those aforementioned 5 concerts
  10. Maintain a legit adult budget
  11. Sort out all the copious amounts of my belongings that I’ve left at my parents’ house and get rid of/donate at least 50% of it to charity
  12. Go skiing at least once

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