What is the “best you can do”?

Sometimes the best you can do is actually the best. It’s the thing that’s engaging and fun and rouses up energy and excitement in the people you work with; it’s coming into the building where you work with the most positive attitude, and actually enjoying and having fun with what you’re doing. It’s looking back and realizing that sometimes you don’t feel like you’ve come a long way, but it’s actually amazing how far you’ve really come.

Sometimes the best you can do is showing up, doing the bare minimum, understanding that the best you’ll get that day or that afternoon is the bare minimum and living with that. Sometimes the best you got is yelling and herding cats. But at the end of the day, there you are, still standing, still not running away, still striving to think of something that will re-elevate you to the best you can be and the best you can do.



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