Happiness, Edition 22.

I have to go back to work tomorrow. Mondays are such a blow sometimes. The fluctuation between doing absolutely nothing and being constantly mentally and physically ‘on’ five day a week takes some serious mental and emotional adjustments. And coffee. A TON of coffee.

This weekend I was in my hometown. I only have a small certain amount of time I can be with my parents before I feel like a lazy, regressive, dependent sloth and I need to go home. But I haven’t been back to my hometown since Christmas and right now unseasonable warmth and hectic indecision and stressful thoughts and feelings, plus my partner’s own stresses and busy schedule had us apart this weekend so I could drive out to the mountains.

I heard difficult news to swallow but also had some really nice meals and soaked in some sunshine and talked a lot with my mom about said-difficult news. And I almost shared more of my own difficulties but decided in the end, that it wasn’t the ‘right’ time. Sure enough, upon sharing tough news with my boyfriend he called me and cheered me up because he’s the best.

I am reminded of the Pixar film, “Inside Out” because I believe empathy and comfort during really tough times are the exact-right mixture of happy and sad that are necessary to get through things that aren’t so pleasant to swallow. Going home this weekend was a mix of good and bad feelings and good and bad times, but at the end of the day I feel refreshed having taken a break from the city, I suppose. I’ll go back to work this week with this idea of empathy stuck in my mind which I hope will make my days easier to handle too.


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