Happiness Challenge, Day 21.

I’ve been struggling to continue with writing about ‘happiness’ because right now, my life hasn’t changed much. I feel like I’ve been talking about the same things over and over again. I’m tired of my own narrative voice and if anyone else out there is reading, I’m sure you are too. In fact, I wrote and erased and re-wrote a blog entry several times.

I’m thinking a lot about what makes me feel grateful and what keeps me going. Some of those things for me today include:

-Love and support from and for my partner
-Going for runs
-Seeing things continually get better in my classrooms
-Random acts of kindness
-Unwinding by watching trashy reality TV
-Listening to really good albums before I go to sleep
-Longer days
-Brighter mornings
-My car

What really, does it mean to be ‘grateful’, and ‘happy’ and ‘in love’ anyways? From day to day there are so many good feelings and bad feelings, good events and bad events, and just everything in between that might be a blessing, and might be a blessing in disguise.

The world is strange. Happiness is strange. It isn’t always what we think it’s going to be. I’m just happy that I can breathe and take a step back and look at my life in such a way that things which have been recently painful for me can be back doors to happiness that I’m learning to cultivate beneath my feet.





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