Happiness Challenge 9.

With so much going on in my life in general, it’s hard to make time for things that are easy to not be a priority, but should be. Like fitness.

There was a time in my recent past when fitness was a HUGE priority for me; I was going for 4-5 runs a week that were anywhere between 40 and 90 minutes. And if I renagged on that commitment I would feel unlike myself. So it would be easy to get back on that bandwagon. During that time of my life I had signed up for a Running Room clinic to help prepare for my first half-marathon. I did that for a while before I realized I preferred to run by myself and I quit.

While I was doing the clinic though, I remember one of the instructors – who was an incredibly good runner, by the way – saying that she fluctuated often between months of “couch potato mode” and months of regular fitness. That stuck with me to this day and gave me hope in some ways that no matter how settled into my couch I got, there would always be an opportunity to look at my life and make fitness a priority once again.

The last year and a half, my relationship and my career have been my priorities and it’s been difficult to fit any kind of extra workouts in. Where I live now, it’s not even a very pedestrian-friendly place, so there’s a lot of excuses that can be made as to why and how I can’t make fitness a priority for me. But I have decided that at least for now, those excuses end.

It is getting lighter out. It is 6:35 pm and the sky is still that last flicker of royal blue. There hasn’t been a lot of precipitation in the last week so the sidewalks are more or less bare (albeit icy – I found that out the hard way today…). I have people in my daily life who are also making commitments to fitness, and I know what I need to do to feel stronger and more prepared to take on another huge fitness goal this summer.

So I did it. I made fitness a priority today. And with continued prioritizing I hope to make this a regular or at the very least, semi-regular occurrence. I had forgotten what runner’s high feels like and how it is to feel like you did something accomplishing during the day that has nothing to do with love or work. It’s something for me, and something that makes me feel reinvigorated.

I hope future editions of Happiness Challenge entries will see continued success in re-discovering old parts of myself that, until today, have been loved and lost.


2 thoughts on “Happiness Challenge 9.

  1. Girl, I feel you. I love to work out BUT it’s definitely hard to keep it a priority when my other obligations completely tire me out! I’m the type of person that automatically assumes “failure” if I miss one day of my diet, or work, or whatever it may be. This is an awesome, insightful post and I’m so happy I found this gem! 🙂

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