Happiness Challenge 8.

Lately I haven’t felt like myself, and that’s been a huge problem for me. There are so many things I used to enjoy doing that I can’t, or don’t do anymore with where I’m at in my life. This weekend I took time to watch some movies and drink good wine with my boyfriend and it helped ease some of that inner tension and turmoil I feel.

Looking forward isn’t something that’s been helpful for me at the moment. So this weekend I tried my best to just live in the moment – I tried to do things I enjoy doing and think of things I like thinking about. I ordered some dresses. I enjoyed the fact that it wasn’t -25 for once and reveled in the fact that the sun was out. I drank coffee in Starbucks alone. It felt good to do things for me that I used to enjoy in previous incarnations of my life.

Sometimes to feel refreshed, reverting back and living in those moments of little joys is the best you can do.


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