Happiness Challenge, Day 6.

It’s what we call “Blue Monday” and I could feel the atmosphere growing stale today. On the bright side, it warmed up from the -20s to -5 by the time I left work today. That was something I gained from today that made the clouds lift at least a little bit.

One of the only things that brought me sort of a back-handed joy today was doing yoga. I have NEVER liked yoga but a colleague offers free classes at work on Mondays and Wednesdays. After a nearly-two year hiatus from a regular fitness routine, I felt like it was 100% necessary to get back on track and this seemed like a good way to get started. It was kind of rough but admittedly not as rough as I assumed it would be. There was something resembling joy that I felt – whether it was actually the centering or the breathing or any of that stuff I’m skeptical about is irrelevant. I just felt like I was doing something outside my comfort zone, and something that took me away from constant work/hermit mode throughout the work week.



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