Happiness Challenge, Day 5.

Happiness shouldn’t be challenging, for anyone, but the saddest thing about happiness is just that: it is. It presses itself meanly onto your body like a bruise and it permeates so much. When others don’t have it, they feel inadequate looking at people who do. I don’t ever want to make these kinds of demands on myself anymore.


There’s this GREAT show on CBC called “Hello Goodbye”; it reminds me of that Airline show on A&E years ago, except it has so much more heart and plays airport transactions and greetings and farewells with the sweetest heart and emotion imaginable. Th show it simple: the host talks to people at the Arrivals and Departures areas of Toronto Pearson airport and they tell their amazing life stories. It touches my heart each and every time I watch it. I love shows that not only point out the beauty and poignancy of the struggles and triumphs and loves and losses of strangers’ lives, but that point out that everyone and anyone can be extraordinary and live extraordinary lives.

I drove back from a tumultuous weekend in some ways, with the love of my life. The things we deal with. The harsh roughage of the time of year. The many ways in which it feels depressing to be who we are and do what we do every day. Our own triumphs and losses and frustrations. And watching this show made me feel a lot happier today than I usually feel on Sundays.


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