Some Things I Want to Do in 2015, Part 1

  1. Drive to Portland
  2. Head back to Vancouver for a lengthy amount of time
  3. Trade in my vehicle for one that’s more winter-friendly
  4. Be the BEST professional I can possibly ever be
  5. Go back to Maui
  6. Run another half marathon
  7. Read at least 5-6 books over the summer
  8. Have an unforgettable 30th birthday
  9. Have a savings account by the end of the year
  10. Write another short story
  11. Spend each and every day never taking love for granted
  12. Do more to acknowledge my best friends
  13. Send something out for publication
  14. Show a piece of my own writing to my students
  15. Go to Sonoma and/or Napa Valley
  16. Go on a wine tour

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