The Best Christmas Gifts I’ve Ever Received.

Christmas isn’t about gifts (really though… it’s not) but it’s gifts sometimes that generate memories or fondness for people, for our lost youth, for Christmases past that hold special memories. Here are some of my favourite Christmas gifts ever.

  1. After casually mentioning it once while cutting through Pacific Center Mall, my boyfriend’s very first Christmas gift for me was a pair of Bose headphones. I’m so, so portable music-obsessed and to walk around with sound quality like that made me feel like a total rock star (or at least, with a total music festival playing in my own head at a constant). It was romantic, in a very ‘me’ kind of way but the most special thing was, it was the first Christmas gift he ever gave me, on our first Christmas together before we started this long distance thing.
  2. When I was in Grade Six, CDs and CD players hadn’t been around very long. But this was the year I got my first-ever CD stereo and my first CDs (my first CD being Much Dance ’97). All I did for the rest of Christmas break was play that damn CD and borrow my mom’s CDs to make mix tapes. And thus, my intense love affair with the physical entities of music (lyric sheets and all) was born. Thanks, mom and dad.
  3. The last few years, for a lot of reasons, my family hasn’t really bought gifts for one another but instead, we’ve been going on vacation to somewhere winter-free. Going to Maui was by far the best gift my mom has ever gotten me for Christmas. Maui makes me feel alive.
  4. Remember “moon shoes”? I was one of those 90s kids who got a pair of those for Christmas. They’re not nearly as cool as you think they’re going to be, but ALLLLL I wanted that Christmas was moon shoes. When you’re a kid and you get THE gift you asked for, you feel totally awesome.
  5. I loved horses as a kid – LOVED. And one year, I went downstairs to the tree on Christmas morning to find a wooden barn filled with Breyer model horses. I was over the moon.

At the end of the day, Christmas isn’t really about gifts; rather, it’s about the people you spend time with and the food you eat (food tho!) and most of my Christmas memories are board game nights and ugly sweater parties with friends, and that last day in the office watching the clock and eating chocolates in the board room awaiting the end of the day so we could all go get drunk or begin holiday mode. I remember Christmases past by how good it feels to reunite with loved ones and sleep in and hit the bottle at all hours of the day when it’s socially acceptable to do so and watch bad Christmas specials in all the days leading up to the big 2-5. It makes me so happy and these are reasons I love the holidays that are beyond gifts.


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