Saturday Reflections.

Today, I was thinking about Halloween in the past. I remember that time that my friends and I all went on on actual Halloween which was a Tuesday or something, and there was actually nobody else around, costumed or otherwise, except for us. And as we walked home from a quiet and kind of anti-climactic going-out-on-Halloween experience, we saw these two groups of people, both dressed as Tetris blocks, across the street from each other, dumbfounded that they’d happened to see each other. One of them shouted out, “WHAT ARE THE ODDS!?” and back then in my second year of undergrad, that was a story we remembered for weeks.

And maybe friendships are just a series of interconnected stories, an anthology of when I knew you and you knew me, and these poignant, funny, odd little moments still live in both of us, and we still tell them from time to time. And even if we’re no longer in each other’s lives, those moments are the very fine, very brittle threads that keep us interconnected anyways, even if we feel angry.


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