Blue Jays vs. Election Results.

In Canada today, there are two historic things happening: the potential for the Toronto Blue Jays to evade elimination in the ALCS, and the potential for political change.

Is there a certain amount of shame in watching sports and not election results? Or watching neither because the stress of paying attention to two potentially sad, scary same-old same-old results, in sports, and in politics, is too much to handle? Perhaps. Perhaps sometimes being an ostrich seems to be the best way to handle this kind of stress.

Are sports important to nationalism? Are they important at all? Should someone be shamed for choosing the Jays over the election results?

The reason sports are important is they remind us that in this country, there is a collective. We voted today (at least, I hope we voted today) and no matter who we vote for, at the end of the day we stand on guard for our country and we are proud to be citizens standing on this ground right now. And sports reminds us that sometimes it’s not about who wins and who loses – it’s about cheering for something we can all agree on. It’s about feeling at ease having voted, then going home and hoping for the best, while hoping for the best for a team that everyone seems to be rooting for at the same time.

Should you turn your attention to the game? Absolutely. Because there might not be a chance for the Blue Jays to come this close to a world series title ever again. Should you turn your attention to the election results? Absolutely. Because someday you’ll look back on this day in history when great change has finally come after years of frustration – and realize how important and historic October 19. 2015 really was.


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