Everything Has Changed. Everything Is About to Change.

As I take on a new role in my life, I ask myself (and today I literally asked myself), How did I get here? It was everything I wanted, dreamed of, waited for, worked for, desperately tried to have. And now I have it. In a very weird full-circle, universe-working-in-my-favor kind of way. I never thought this would ever be me, and I’m amazed at how this is happening at such a crucial point, a crucial age, a crucial juncture.

In the last month, my life has changed dramatically. I am flustered a little, and terrified, and facing change fatigue. I am starting this inaugural step forward in my career and I never really thought I would be lucky enough to have all of this. I miss my last home. I miss what I had there – the people, the scenery. But although this is a switch and this is something completely different, it’s what I need and what will change me forever.

Changes have occurred rapidly in my life and I am just trying my best to keep up with them and remember that there are some things we can control and some we can’t. I am entering into a world where I can do both and I will have to accept responsbility and responsiveness for both. Doing so will welcome myself into the profession I’ve longed for for the last twelve months.


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