An Open Letter to My Heroes.

Dear Heroes:

Whether you are in my life or I simply look to you as a pillar of wisdom and inspiration despite that we’ve never met, you are all equally valuable.

I came from humble beginnings in my life; I was destined to be a strange, awkward adult with immense difficulty fitting into the world. I was someone who was always under-confident, left of centre, and a stranger to everyone around me. It’s people like me who need their heroes the most.

I questioned today: what makes a good hero? To me, a hero is someone who is fearless, true to their own vision and/or their own self, and someone who embodies qualities I wish to uncover and reveal for my own self. To me, a hero is someone who is a born leader and isn’t afraid to take charge of a situation. A hero is someone who protects the interests of others to a fault, and someone who is unwavering in their kindness and care. Heroism is difficult to define, as its qualities and traits vary from person to person. I see my heroes as people who are dependable, loyal and possess integrity. I see these traits in all of you every day, or every time I listen to a song of yours or read your words. I am instantly comforted, empowered, inspired and long to be better.

I am grateful for such amazing heroes. You make me want to be better even when I cannot be what I want to be. You helped me out of the deepest darknesses I’ve ever felt and also helped me to appreciate and be grounded and feel fortunate for what I do have, rather than constantly lamenting what I don’t have. You taught me lessons about love and careers and growing up and becoming the burgeoning person I am today. You remind me that I’m not perfect, ever, but on top of that, I should never claim to be, think of myself as such, or think I am ‘too good’ for any opportunity, any person, or any situation I find myself in. Most importantly, you have shown me love, whether you realized it or not, and you taught me how to love others in ways I didn’t think were possible, sometimes just on the strength of words alone.

So to my heroes, and others’ heroes, and those individuals who embody the characteristics of what makes a good hero, thank you. For making others’ lives better, for demonstrating the best qualities humankind can possess, and for being role models of strength, humility and good character.




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