Happy Record Store Day!

In 2005, I bought my very first vinyl (that was independent of the records I stole from my parents). I love the smell of vinyl. I love walking into a record store and spending time with these past and present treasure troves of music. I love how a 12″ disc of plastic can contain the kind of magic that lies within those grooves. I love special editions, first pressings, 7″ singles and all colours and shapes of all these gems that you can find. And Record Store Day is the once-a-year reiteration of just how much I love all of this.

I love going to the store and meeting people who share this affinity with vinyl that I have. Hearing people’s stories about shows they’ve been to, their own intimate relationship with the records and artists they love, and what else makes them tick is a huge part of the RSD experience. It’s one that I’ve had every year – good people with good taste talking about good collectibles. For this one morning, we’re all there as a community, soaking in the vibes and getting gentle reminders of our love affair with music, a special kind of love that is designed to be shared.

So to all you record hunters and collectors and music fans, Happy Record Store Day! I hope you all had a fabulous time today supporting your local record shop and used this opportunity to say a small little prayer to the music Gods!


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