“Good Enough”.

In this day and age we look at celebrities, people we know, models in advertisements, strangers on the street, people who are out there doing amazing things for themselves and for others (though for the purposes of this piece, we are mostly talking about people who ‘help themselves’ and even ‘help’ a loose term) and we compare. We look at the world and the people within it and wonder why we can’t practice what we preach on all those Pinterest quotes and Facebook memes and thoughts in our heads that we remember from cat posters on our classroom walls. Because the grass is greener elsewhere and we’re constantly searching for the greenest grass; for most of us, it’s rarely on our own lawn. And so we feel lost and we feel inadequate because we are exposed constantly to the wealths, successes and enjoyments of others. We wonder why we can’t be as thin, as rich, as ‘good’ as another person. We feel inadequate, undeserving of love or goodness or promotions. Because we’re not as good as someone else.

But we are.

We are good enough. We are good enough for our jobs, our loved ones, our bodies. We shouldn’t be ashamed of who we are and we should embrace that we are able to get up every morning, leave the house, dress ourselves, and be on our own. We should understand every single moment that we’re alive is an opportunity to celebrate what we are and what we’re made of. What we’re made of is this: we’re made of air and water and blood, sweat, tears, soft skin, and we’re designed to enjoy life in all its forms, from eating pizza to staring into the darkest depths of a Francisco Goya painting. We were born of someone who maybe thought we were the greatest miracle ever created, or else we chose a family member who thought this of us. We were born to make others happy and we were born to learn how to be adults and find our own families and our own places in the world, and regardless of what we think, we all have a place. Each and every one of us has a place. Maybe it’s covert and will take searching and digging and maybe it’s right there in front of us when we wake up in the morning and stare over to the right side of the bed. But we all do. All of us.

So many people, myself included, feel like we’re not pretty enough, strong enough, adult enough, woman enough, fit enough, athletic enough, brave enough, hardworking enough. And we must remind ourselves however we can, that we are. We are good enough. I am good enough. As I am. I don’t need to break my back and kill myself and dress a certain way or spend money on certain things or keep up appearances or feel that how I spend my day isn’t worthwhile. I am worthwhile. My loved ones think I’m worthwhile. My friends think I’m worthwhile. I just have to believe it. Today, I believe it.


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