Gleaning wisdom and positivity from Steve Nash.

Today, I heard Steve Nash speak at my university’s student athletics fundraising breakfast, which I was fortunate enough to win a ticket to this morning.

Steve Nash is a dynamite speaker who has clearly paid his dues and is grateful for his success while recognizing just how hard he’s worked and how much he’s had to believe in himself to become an NBA all-star.

A few key nuggets I gleaned from Nash this morning:

  • “Sometimes everything in life is a perfect storm”
    Meaning, it takes the stars to align sometimes in order to garner the kind of success Nash has had in his NBA career and college basketball career. He touched on following and looking up to his teammates, friends and heroes, as well as recognizing the support from his former coaches, friends, family and mentors to get him to the level he was at today.
  • He also acknowledged that despite being drafted in the 15th round and working his way up to being a starting player, he constantly had to prove himself every single game, every single day, and to anyone who doubted him. A story told about Nash this morning was that he was not drafted by the now-defunked Vancouver Grizzlies because the coaching staff had said, “If we draft him, we’ll have to play him” and it is insurmountable, the contribution Nash playing for a Canadian NBA team would have done for pro-basketball in Canada.
  • Decide on your goal and stick with it!
    Steve Nash did acknowledge that he did want to play in the NBA since high school but didn’t feel that dream was necessarily reachable for him. After talking to a coach however, he was told that it is crucial to decide on what your goal is and capitalize on it as soon as humanly possible. This to him, goes along with believing in yourself and doing whatever it takes to make the move to capitalize on that dream.
  • Constantly do what you can to improve yourself.
    More than just an athlete, Nash has dabbled in film making and philanthropy and is a great public speaker and advocate for getting youth involved in sports. He didn’t have a bad thing to say about even his toughest competitors and critics, and has thus proven himself to be so much more than just a jock. He mentioned that currently, he’s most proud of his children and his fondest memories of professional sport are interactions with teammates and memories of friendship, not even the competition or the fast life of a pro athlete. Nash has said despite being a pro athlete, he’s constantly worked at doing more and plans to continue with charity work, fatherhood and even film in the future.

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