Oddly Grateful.

The most amazing thing that’s ever happened is about to happen; reunification. Reunification that is actually meaningful and not filled with this sort of ugly, hard-nosed resentment or questioning. It is simply reunification based on love and giddy, childlike excitement.

I’m so thrilled today that I can have even just two and a half days to feel that feeling. Some people never get to. They never get to say every single corny, cheesy saccharine thing on their mind to the one they love and mean every word of it, and have it sound sincere and honest about it. Some people never get to look at the one they love as if it’s the first time you’ve ever seen them and experiencing that longing you feel for them for the first time ever again. Some people just never get to anticipate that kind of romance. I’m lucky and fortunate to say that I am.

Perhaps with distance, we can argue that life has given us a certain type of ‘lemon’ and we can do with it what we will. I don’t make lemonade. I make garnishes by fashioning the peels into rose petals and watch in subtle ways, the sun shine through the bright, optimistic yellow flesh of the fruit casting crystalline colours on the walls like crystals refracting light. I am counting my blessings (blessing, in this case) and it is pretty and sweet and wonderous. Little miracles you can notice if you look at something just a little differently than you did before. I’m oddly grateful.


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