How to Tell a Girl You Love Her.

Step 1: By treating her with dignity; by choosing the right time, when you’re both light and airy, when things are at their very best and both of you feel invincible – impervious to pain, invincible, stronger because you’re standing in each other’s mingling shadows. By choosing the moment by which to measure all moments: when the stars align, when fog passes gently over the black Washington sky, when leaves are crisp and blow in mystical whirlwinds and land and gather in gutters; and you’re nestled in the quiet streets of Belltown.

Step 2: By taking her hand tightly and holding it, so you’re warming her chilly fingertips.

Step 3: By looking into her eyes – right in – so that she can see how deep you’re searching inside of her – so that she knows he can see every artery and vein and ventricle of your heart and every space in between.

Step 4: By saying the words, simply and poignantly, so they leave her spellbound, so they leave you full from giving something away, rather than empty.


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