Drunk Musings.

I’m drunk and i’m writing because I don’t think I write often enough when I’ve been drinking. I don’t really know what drunk writing looks like. I guess for some people it’s an emotional outpouring and for others it comes across as a series of disconnected letters that don’t make any sense. Admittedly I keep making typos and I keep having to go back to edit everything. So that’s annoying.

I remember one time my ex was over at my house as were two of my good friends and we were getting so trashed I was seeing double. When they left, I somehow managed to scrawl something down in my journal about the evening that later on, scarcely looked like writing at all and also, it didn’t make any sense at all. I marvelled at it because it was something I had done that I had no control over.

I like sometimes, not being in control of, or conscious of, your own body. It allows you to live someone else’s life and you end up paying the price for that other life later but in the moment, it is wonderful.


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