30 Days of Happy or Grateful, Day 29

In honour of the fact that this is my second last entry and that 29 is my favourite number (and a somewhat lucky number as well), I have to dedicate this one to something less specific. 

I have a charmed life. I have a family who loves and supports me in multiple ways, and I have amazing friends, both who live here and who don’t and most importantly, I have had in the past year, a lot of serendipitous luck and fortune amidst a lot of misfortune that led me to making specific choices I made and ultimately ending up a certified teacher at the end of the day. A lot of life is happenstance and a lot of my life has been happenstance that has allowed me to be where I am, and it’s that which has allowed to be in PDP and thus ‘forced’ me to continue with this blogging project which has helped me to evaluate and re-evaluate what is good instead of dwelling on what’s bad. 

I found my apartment and apartment furniture through pure luck and a kind but super weird stranger, and I found someone really special through switching schools and being randomly a part of a school in my practicum that was wonderful, supportive, caring, kind and diligent in caring for its student teachers. I am fortunate enough too, to have been paired up with such great mentors that I built strong, important and lasting relationships with. I was far from perfect and far from being the kind of teacher I truly wanted and yearned to be, but to get as close to that as I did was not because of hard work entirely but also finding the right people and the right circumstances to allow that to be possible.

I’m a teacher now, and that means everything to me at the end of the day. And I worked my ass off to achieve that goal but without happenstance that forced me to make choices and without allowing those choices to play out, I wouldn’t be where I am now and I’m so happy for all of it. 


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