30 Days of Happy or Grateful or Whatever, Day 28

I’m so grateful for the record, “What’s the Story, Morning Glory?” by Oasis. The 90s, much like the 1960s, were good years for British pop/rock and the whole gang, whether lesser or greater than the sordid Gallagher brothers, were following in their footsteps. For, they were the kings of the second coming of the British invasion, and they knew it, and they had good reason to believe so: Morning Glory is a monster of a record. Full of hooks and tear-jerking intros, ballads, rockers, cheeky British humour, and non-sensical classic lyrics like “Slowly walking down the hall/faster than a cannonball” which somehow mean nothing and everything all at the same time.

In their later years, Oasis became a bit of a joke for a lot of reasons, some justified and some total bullshit. I was lucky enough to see Oasis just weeks actually before they called it quits. It was pretty incredible and you should have heard the cheers and singalongs and loud worship-created claps from thousands of fans when the band started singing “Wonderwall”. They still had it, and they could still do what Oasis does best, even as they drew near to the end of their era. 


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