30 Days of Happy or Grateful or Whatever, Day 24

Today I’m grateful for rainy, cloudy days.

This might sound weird. What we (me and everyone else) loves about summer is these long, hot sunny hours where we can lay on the beach (should we be so lucky as to have a beach lying around) or cruise around listening to bad hip hop/pop music. I love that, you love that, we all love that.

But with this insane heat wave that Vancouver’s been going through the last week, I have to say… I miss the rain a little bit. Just a little. I am beginning to appreciate that chilly foggy cloudiness, the way rain feels when breeze carries it across your arms and soaks through your jacket. Sometimes hot in excess is too hot. It’s too much of a good thing. I love it and I never want it to go away. But it helps me to appreciate days when it’s cold at night and in the early morning and rains buckets all day.


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