30 Days of Happy or Grateful or Whatever, Day 12

I never thought I’d say this. But actually, today I’m happy that I grew up in Jasper.

My mixed experiences growing up were to do with the people, and a certain type of violence I dealt with while I lived there. Childhood, mine and most people’s, is not without confusion and trauma and fear. Childhood is a scary place to occupy.

But I was at home this weekend following two amazing drives down the Coquihalla,  and I was mezmerized for some reason, with the natural beauty all around me. It’s been a while since I’ve been to the rockies, especially in the summer, and the heat and blue skies and the great gray ghosts of mountains looming over me with their protective arms wrapped around me was something I didn’t realize I missed until this weekend.

I did the Glacier Skywalk at the Columbia Icefield and I was blown away. And terrified. And I was traipsing so so slowly across that glass bottom floor, and yet, when I looked out, I couldn’t believe just how gorgeous and wild and open everything is. Jasper National Park is an amazing place, and an even more amazing place to have grown up in, despite its other shortcomings.


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