30 Days of Happy, or Grateful or Whatever, Day 11

Today I’m happy that I can drive. 

For years, I used to rely on cabs, buses and worst of all, the dreaded Greyhound to get me from point A to point B. The ‘journey’ for me was/is always a pretty major part of any trip of any length of kind and I always sort of looked forward to the adventurous feelings that accompany travel. But after being forced to bend toward someone else’s schedule, I got a little tired of public transportation. When I was 23, after years of fear and procrastination, I finally got my drivers’ license. Since then I’ve driven all over the place: to the States, in other provinces, to Calgary, in Maui, within and around my very busy city and the surrounding cities… and I’m so happy that I now have all this freedom and that my world has grown as a result.


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