30 Days of Happy, Grateful or Whatever, Day 6

Today I’m thinking about re-connection. I am thinking about the people in my life who I lost touch with, even for a couple of months, and then I decided, or they decided, that there was something in the connection we shared which was important enough to re-reach out and find and foster again. The world is big, but it’s not that big and sometimes when we feel lost, and sometimes we feel like we’re isolated from everything and everyone and all we need is that person we knew once during at that one time who understands everything. And for that person to reach out to you again after such a long time, is worth everything. I’m so grateful for friendships like that. Forgiveness, realization of wrongdoing can lead to a kind of forgiveness unlike any other. I feel sorry for people who are unwilling or unable to reconnect. It’s an amazing, cathartic, gratifying, heartwarming event. 

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