30 Days of Happy, or Grateful, or Whatever: Day 4.

Today I’m happy for my family. You know what? We fight. Sometimes my mom and I argue like crazy. I am reminded though, of an episode of Queer as Folk when the social worker catches Michael and Debbie fighting and while Michael is afraid his foster son will be taken away, the social worker notes that fighting in families is a sign of love and affection. Upon considering why, it’s occurred to me the reason that fighting is valuable in a family is because fighting demonstrates you are comfortable and confident enough to stand your ground. You have been given the tools by people you are fighting with at times, to express yourself, make mistakes, say how you feel and know that you are still loved unconditionally and that nothing ‘bad’ will happen to you following a bit of a heated argument. My parents have given me the wings I need to fly, and even if I fly too close to the sun and I fall down, I know they’ll love me anyway. They let me make mistakes and scream my face off and let me have it right back and that’s comfort and that’s security and that’s love. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for that. 


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