30 Days of Happy or Grateful or Whatever, Day 4

Today I’m grateful for Ryan Adams. It’s odd to be grateful for someone you don’t know but since 2004, Ryan Adams has been a staple in my musical life. There’s this line in Ben Folds’ Late (a song about another favourite artist of mine, Elliott Smith), where he says “The songs you wrote/Got me through a lot/Just want to tell you that” and it always makes me think of the musicians that aren’t in my life, but at he same time they’re kind of ‘in’ my life. They’ve seen me through triumphs and summer memories, breakups, bouts of depression and hopelessness, and those moments of courage I firmly believe I could never engage in without the help of the people who make the music that I need to get me through my day. Ryan Adams is the one who’s mattered the most, pretty much. Ever since the first time I walked home in the snow in my first year of university and heard Love is Hell in its entirety, I was revolutionized. I started my music education and my foray into the worlds of adulthood and real pain. Listening to someone else’s pain helped me to come into a place where I could acknowledge my own. Today, I heard “Gimme Something Good” for the first time and I was reminded of the feeling of listening to a song that comes along at just the right moment, narrating your life and making you feel something to the core of your being. It’s like you’ve known the song your whole life.


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