That Night.

There was this one time when you and I were walking together when we were just friends, just kids, and I was telling you how I think you should visit my hometown of Jasper, Alberta. What I really meant though, was that I imagined us together there – hiking, canoeing, walking through the woods and smelling the damp bark of birch trees. There was nothing I wanted more. It was February but warm, for a February night. We were walking toward the Garneau Pub. I had a few drinks already and I leaned into you, and you caught me, softened my trip, and I felt nothing but love everywhere, falling like snow from the heaving branches of the pines that lined our wintertime walk. Our friends were up ahead, and their laughter rang through the street. There was scarcely a car. It was dark. My heart was light. Everything was so beautiful that night. I’ll never, ever forget it.


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