“Delete Forever”

When I go into my gmail and filter out spam, I can check a box, click ‘Delete Forever’, and the messages are gone. Forever. It always makes me laugh a little bit, however, to affiliate this phrase of ominous finality to erasing a spam message.

To me, a permanent deletion is a statement; it says, “I don’t like this and I’m going to get rid of it and ensure it never comes back”. It’s a strongly worded dismissal. It’s an admission that you are 100% finished, done, over.

Whenever I click this button, I feel the weight of certain burdens drift away. I feel myself purging badness, even if only a little bit. To me, “Deleting forever” is an elimination of badness, and any small ways you can do that are good. “Delete forever” is a state of mind. It says you wish to permanently cleanse yourself of badness with the click of a button, to no longer allow it to clog the vital organs of your universe. It demonstrates you are done with ‘that’, and onto the next thing. That you are moving on.

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