For Boston.

We all watch the news in horror when horror strikes at the hands of reckless perpetrators. We sit around and ask ourselves what could possibly lead people to commit such purposeful acts of violence against innocent and unsuspecting bystanders who are in the wrong place at the wrong time and have done nothing to deserve what has been hurled at them. We send prayers and thoughts and we are remotely shaken by disturbing, confusing news stories from a place we don’t live, for people we don’t know. We want to help but sometimes it’s too much or we don’t know how or where to begin. We wait for news but we’re already troubled, making suspicions.

When the world culminates and we collectively console each other during these times of tragedy, I think it’s important to remember that the weight of the world is there and it will always be there but in order to press on, in order to strive for survival and achieve greatness through pain, we must protect what we’ve inherited and demonstrate that we as the global community are more than violence, terrorism, prejudice, vengefulness and other sickening acts of hatred.

We must remember that the global community is full of people who live mundane lives but at even the mention of terrible news, jump to whatever action they can: they donate blood and supplies, they give money to Red Cross, they send simple messages of love and hope because it’s all they can afford to do. It is those people we need to honour and emulate and think of during difficult times. Because those people are a reminder of humankind and the reason that humankind can help to heal, or at least bandage, what is terrible about the world. The world is worth the people who deserve it.

We need to count on the fact that no matter what happens that is seen in gunshots, violent imagery and violent video footage that in Boston today, there were runners who finished a race and then went on to hospitals to help out, donate their time and their blood and their service. We need to look at social media and see all of the people who care enough about a shocking act of terror to spread the word quickly and send condolences and take the time to express disgust at a world that’s painted as evil on the news. We need to cherish the good in the world no matter what shocking devastation makes us wonder what the point is in life when a small population of twisted individuals decides to make their point very clear. In the midst of confusion and horror, it’s the very least we can do.


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