2013 Horoscope: Libra

Dear Libra,

This year will not come without its unexpected challenges. In fact, there will be several times this year when you thought you knew everything there was to know about your world and times when you had assured yourself, as in the past, that you yourself could look into a crystal ball and see precisely what your future might look like or at least, what might be included in that future. What you will learn in 2013 is that life is random and anything unexpected can turn your world into an entity you can’t grab hold of the same way you thought you could.

In January Libra, your strength of character will be tested as you play tug-of-war between yourself and others. The rope will tow over that invisible line just slightly – on your side or the opposite side? Who can really tell at this point? All you know is that at the end of the day you should remember this: Within the hearts men, loyalty and consideration are esteemed greater than success (Bryant H. McGill). And so much is hinged upon that loyalty. So much depends upon it and yet, despite its strengthened pillar, it can be toppled over with just one swift push. You are stubborn, Libra; you are a stubborn, unbending brat. You know this about yourself and despite that, your unwillingness to change only proves just how stubborn you really are.

Coming up in the spring, your plans to live free will rejuvenate and reiterate your faith in today’s youth and in your own youth. The opportunity will come and you will seize it as you did before and remind yourself of who you are, what you love and where you belong. Libra, I cannot stress enough that you should not allow anyone or anything to stand in your way of this. You may feel petulant, even by then and you may constantly remind yourself every day of just how petulant you are, but you should never miss an opportunity to live like you never lived before. For you never know when the chances to do will be lost amidst responsibility, poverty, and adulthood.

This summer you will wake up one day and realize 6 or 7 months have gone by and suddenly it is time to leave. You will reflect upon your 2013 up to that point and wonder how it got to this point where the evenings are long and your bags are packed and you will truly understand and appreciate your own fears, insecurities and that life as you know it will become increasingly difficult to handle by this point in time. Luckily for you though, by then you will have assets to help you and newfound supports that you might be ready to take advantage of. You will realize what those supports mean to you, even though you have questioned them many times in the past. You will understand that there are encounters and people that come into your life and only they could help you with whatever you gain from them in one way or another. You will remember that sometimes you must lean on specific people – if not forever, then for the time being. That you should not be afraid to accept help from them in any way they can offer you help.

You will settle into a new life and it will be challenging. It will be unfamiliar, and depressing, and you will wake up every morning in disbelief that this is actually your life. You will not have felt this way since you were 17 years old – almost a decade ago. You will be grateful for this new life, but also afraid of what’s to come. Your familiarity will change. You will see new sights and smell new smells when you look out your living room window. You will be forced to try new things and make new friends. It is what you had been looking for for years but you must be careful what you wished for. By this point Libra, you will be reminded of what seemed significant in January. Not just happenstance from the past year but everything that has ever troubled you.

The most important lesson to learn about 2013 Libra, is that the stars did not write for you this path; you wrote it yourself. You continue to do so each and every year, not just this one. You wrote your future and you used your past as a reference to do so.


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