Ten Valuable Lessons I Learned in 2012.

10. Although I love to complain, it is very true that complaining gets you nowhere. You can only be justified in complaining if you try and change things. But if you try and change things, you find yourself not complaining. I did a good mix of both complaining and trying in 2012; in the end, I found that doing both breaks the cycle.

9. No matter how bad and how dark things get, there is a lightness there that shines unexpectedly. In this case, it came in the form of the realization of a very attainable goal, which contributes in turn, to achieving a very long-time, hard-fought short-term goal.

8.  Don’t wait. You just can’t afford to wait. You never know when opportunities are gone forever and if you’re too afraid to seize them, they will be.

7. While I already knew this, it is true that a VERY good concert – one of the best shows you’ve ever seen – can change everything, and make everything seem better.

6. Even just seeing the world a little bit – even if you never leave the continent, and you only leave for 2-6 days at a time – makes a huge difference to your morale, mood and perspective.

5. Who you were, and what your past entails doesn’t have to be who you are as a person in the present day. People are always changing, shifting and taking on new identities and new strengths. Until this year I never fully knew that was possible.

4. You forget just how lonely and painful loneliness is until you feel it again. And the loneliest feeling is knowing there are people out there, but they don’t care to help you through the loneliness you’re feeling. And the people who do aren’t physically there.

3. There comes a point where you wonder if all the effort you put into something is worth what you’re getting back from that exchange. Maybe you’ve wondered this for years, and you secretly know the answer but you’re denying its truth.

2. Chemistry is chemistry. A relationship may not be the sort that you’re accustomed to, familiar with, or comfortable with, but you can’t compare chemistry with a certain person, to chemistry with someone else. Each relationship has its own dynamic. They may be different but all are equally valid, and all teach you what kind of person you can be.

1. Life is fragile. You often see tragedies, crashes, deaths, untimely demises, atrocities, on television and in the newspaper and you always think, “This will remind me to tell my loved ones more often just how much I care about them” but deep down, you NEVER think “that will be me.” There is nothing you can do to negate a tragedy except take it as a lesson: that sometimes, somewhere, somehow, it could be you, or affiliated with you. And even in a minor capacity, that leaves an un-fillable hole of sadness that serves as a reminder: that you just never know.


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