Election Day.

Four years ago on election day, I sat with the person who broke my heart in half, at the U of A bar drinking pitchers of beer on a Tuesday night, watching the election. We were playing Name that Tune, but the game was put on hold as the first family took the stage and Barack Obama gave his winning speech. All eyes were on him. It was a historic moment, one I shared with the one person that then, I wanted to share everything with and more, and even though it had ended, this moment of revolution, of historical significance, filled me with the hope that maybe it was just the beginning, not just of the free world, but my world too.  What I saw though, was that the free world did begin, and took me with it in its arms and raised me above the world I wanted. To me, Obama’s first term in office represented the moment everything changed – for the better for the world, and for me.

I don’t talk to that person anymore. He’s gone from my life forever.


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