My New Years Wish for Everyone, and For Myself

Love yourself.

Love yourself enough to realize that mistakes, rejections and total failures are not your fault — they are simply a matter of circumstance. Love yourself enough to push forward even when your first inclination is to pull back. Love yourself enough to never, ever, ever give up, even when you feel the need to give up. Love yourself enough to understand that there are things you cannot change, and that you can continue courageously to focus on things you can change. Love yourself enough to be bold and unafraid of rejection. Love yourself enough to do one thing every day, once a week or once a month, that reminds you that you’re alive.

Have confidence in yourself. Make choices that you feel are right; make choices that you feel are fair; make choices that you feel you can defend, and will defend if you need to; be unashamed, unregretful and unabashed in the choices you make. They’re your choices. Even if they’re not the “best” choices to make. Ask yourself, what is the best choice to make before making one; and find that the answer will help you determine if you will make the right decision. But either way, make all your decisions with confidence in yourself.

TRY. Being courageous, making good choices, being the person who does not back down and loves him/herself means to keep TRYING, even if failure is imminent and inevitible. Because the last minute always counts, even if in the end, it doesn’t count. Trying also entails making good, productive use of your time, whether that means loitering in record shops, solving math problems, or calling your mom every day. The time we spend doing whatever it is we’re doing should reflect upon, and manifest our values and beliefs and personal needs; if it doesn’t, you’re not making good use of your time.

Lastly, don’t obsess over superficial trivialities. There are billions of people in this world; there are supermodels, there are those who are morbidly obese who tell their compelling stories of personal turmoil and tragedy; but most people are average and average people cannot compare themselves to others because they’ll only make themselves miserable, and they’ll only hurt themselves by doing so in the end. The obsession with beauty, with being thin, with being “perfect” as a grotesque way to live one’s life, and the journey into perfection can be a grueling, insidious and demeaning. If you love yourself for who you are, how you are and why you are, the need to take care of yourself not only comes naturally, but you will be driven to health and wellness not by societal pressures to be “perfect”, but out of love for yourself.

That’s my New Years wish, for everyone. And especially for me…


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