2011: In Review.

The past year, I did everything simply for fun. Unlike in the previous few years, I didn’t take anything too seriously; I didn’t go through some deep bout of sadness, nor did I allow myself to become invested in heartbreak or in love and all its ridiculousness. No. I travelled. I saw the world. I got over, to the best of my ability, my deep, deep disappointment at being rejected from graduate school. Because if at first you don’t succeed…

This year brought: trips to Hawaii, Las Vegas, Seattle, Jamaica, Vancouver, Calgary, and Toronto; a chance for me to re-evaluate my goals; the opportunity to meet fantastic new people; a date with a 22-year old who really surprised me and allowed me to look past my prejudices about his age and background; the constant reiteration that I have the greatest friends and one of the most “blessed” (for lack of a better term) lives there ever was for a person who is not on the other-worldly plain of some kind of superstardom or wealth; new front teeth, which is something I’ve longed for since my early days of university — now they’re white, and they’re straight and I’m not ashamed to smile with my open mouth in photos; the EXTREME happiness that comes from spring days, early daylight mornings and long, drawling evenings following what was by far, the worst winter I’ve ever experienced in all my 25 years; happy moments of sitting in a cafe eating pie with my best friend; and the best joy of all, seeing the Ryan Adams solo acoustic show in Seattle.

In a year filled with SUPREMELY, SUBLIMELY good music and a handful of premium-quality films, I really feel justified in saying 2011 was my favourite year. It exists alongside 2004 and 2007 as my favourite overall years ever. And if I could always be this happy and satisifed with the state of everything, my life would  be infinitely more than it already is. What I taught myself, and I’ve come full-circle now in this realization, is that truly happy people don’t look to the distance for what may exist; rather, they grow their own happiness wherever they are. I also learned that with a little bit of support and some good ideas, you can make your own adventures happen. You can just decide to go do something, and then just do it.

In short, I loved 2011. It was an elite year. A magical time in my life where ‘what is’ and ‘what should be’ were perfectly aligned, and without the negative people or negative thoughts I’ve learned to eliminate in order to help get me to this place.



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