I spoke with someone today who has been required to withdraw twice from university but he is still looking for a way back into the program. I asked myself, why would you do this to yourself? For what possible reason would you want to put yourself through such personal hell; you’re spending THOUSANDS of dollars and taking HOURS of your time for something that seems so hopeless at that point but yet, you’re still wishing to spend money and spend hours to get it done regardless — and you’re searching for another way in when your best bet is just to quit so you don’t get into anymore academic Jeopardy… honestly. I don’t get it. Don’t you have enough shit to deal with at that point?

There’s something that can be said about knowing the definition of a “realistic” goal. But then again… there’s something that can be said even more, about that insistent need to try and obtain the un-obtainable goal. The former tells me you’re a practical person who knows their limits. The latter tells me you never give up. And which trait is better or worse than the other, really?

I would give up. Even after I failed out of school the first time, I’d have given up; I’d have looked at my life and thought, “why am I doing this?” and moved on and completed something else. This isn’t my path, I’d think. My path is elsewhere. I was one of those lucky people who chose correctly and knew myself enough to understand that I had it all figured out but I think I’ve taken for granted that so many people haven’t… yet, they keep trying for what they think they want anyways; they have tunnel vision. They’ll stop at nothing. They have a transcript full of Fs and thousands of dollars down the drain but to them, it doesn’t matter. It’s a nail in the goal coffin and they believe they’ll get there eventually.

I have to say, I’m a very safe person; oftentimes, my own safety and comfort zone holds me back from going after my REAL goals in life; I’ve been reduced to, I have a roof over my head and a job and that’s good enough. For someone like the student I spoke with this morning, it’s better to be homeless and unemployed if that was somehow more  connected with the final result. And the airheaded dreamer in me thinks, this is simply AMAZING. Admirable. Impressive. Sure, a bit stupid maybe… but beating down every door in the end, is a more full way to live one’s life because even if you NEVER get there, there is an illusion that you’re fighting an uphill battle that will eventually pay off. 

This time of year, we see so many of them: who are absolutely, 100% determined. It doesn’t matter what we say – they want a way around it. And I’m absolutely wowed by this. It is as ridiculous as it is simply put, inspirational. 



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