Fond Memories of My School Days.

  • That time that felt really ill so I doubled over on the floor at the recreation centre during lunch hour and then everyone gossiped and laughed at me because I was “sitting on the dirty floor where I belonged.”


  • Being shamed because I changed into my gym clothes in the bathroom stall instead of out in the open with the other girls.


  • Three girls following me home and consistently taunting me the whole way because I was too shy to say anything back.


  • A girl and her brother throwing sand and elk shit at me on the playground at day camp.


  • Two girls in the year above me emailed me to tell me how much they hated my “ugly thrift store clothes” and that I looked like a “fat, pinch-faced old man”


  • A group of kids stole my CD case from my desk, looked through all my music and made fun of everything I was listening to.


  • Two of the popular guys, on separate occasions, thought it would be hilarious to ask me out in front of all their friends so everyone could appreciate how laughable it was that anyone would ever go out with me.


  • An older girl who sat behind me in my grade 5/grade 6 split class would rifle through my hair and comment on how greasy it was, then told everyone I had lice.


  • The girl I referred to as my arch-nemesis told me I was a lesbian and that I was gross because I drew pictures of girls in my notebook.


  • A much older girl used to follow me around asking me if I was gay on the playground because at the time, I didn’t know what the word meant and she thought it was funny to hear me say yes.


  • I was reminded of how fat I was every single day. Not a day went by from grade 6-10 where I was allowed to forget it.


  • In grade 7, one boy in my class started calling me “Penguin”, because “when I walked, I waddled like a penguin.”


  • I told one of my friends I didn’t like another girl’s new haircut. That girl went and told everyone I’d said this, then they all ganged up on me in class the next day.


  • I was with one of my friend Olivia, who was more popular than I was and as we were leaving the school, one of my friend’s classmates yelled over at us, “looks like you’re hanging out with the right kind of people, Olivia!”


  • We were in Cosmetology class once and everyone was discussing a TV show I didn’t like. I dared to say I didn’t like it and another girl in my class said to me, “Well no one cares what you think, so just shut up.”


  • I developed a mild case of Trichotillomania in grade 7 and two older girls noticed how it was affecting my hair and told everyone in my school I was balding; they then followed me around after school saying, “aren’t you a little young to be going bald?”


  • In grade 6, two boys in my class came up to me and did a racist imitation of my dad’s Japanese accent.


  • I was walking into Social Studies in grade 7 and this guy in my class stuck his leg out and tripped me; my walkman fell to the floor and snapped.


  • I was in the middle of writing a letter to a pen pal and in the letter, I had talked about my favourite junk foods; someone in my class found it and showed it to everyone in my class and it became this running joke of, “no wonder she’s so fat!”


  • At the playground, a friend and I were cornered by a couple of other girls in my class who made fun of us for being flat-chested; one girl told me that no guy would ever like me.


  • In grade 12 Biology class, I stood up for a friend who was being bullied by an older for dating someone in grade 9; the bully told me all women were useless, especially me, and I should shut up and know my place. I ended up running crying into the hall. This was all right in front of my Biology teacher, who said nothing.


  • In grade 7, someone put a sign on my back that said, disgustingly enough, “Slippery When Wet” because they thought I didn’t know what it meant. No one told me about the sign and I was getting snickered and laughed at all day until a teacher took it off for me and read it out loud in front of everyone.


  • Often, I would get prank phone calls to my house and the caller would just say I was fat, or ugly, or they would just call again and again insistently to harass me.


  • I was (of course) terrible at every activity I did in gym class and in the locker room afterwards, I’d be taunted and yelled at by my classmates for not being good enough at sports to win the game.


  • One gym class, we were to run laps around the gym while an assigned partner timed and counted our laps; I could barely make 10 laps in 40 minutes; my gym teacher posted the results on his office door and everyone saw how few I did compared to everyone else and made fun of me for it for the rest of the day.


  • I was eating in the hallway and I had a smudge of chocolate on my face; a guy in my class came up to me and called me a “fat baby.”


  • A girl in my class told me everyone was making fun of the knee high boots I wore to school; they were my favourite boots and when I found this out, I never wore them again.


  • I was taunted and teased for entire gym classes until I started crying; one time this happened in grade 6 and I told my ‘arch-nemesis’ it was my allergies causing my tears because she was imitating my crying. She then made a game of constantly trying to make me cry and when I did, she would say, “Aw, poor baby- are your allergies acting up again?”


  • At high school dances, I would sit alone for hours – not speaking with anyone, and no one speaking with me. Sometimes I would get ready at friends’ houses and once at the dance, none of those people would talk to me either.


  • This boy in the grade below me called me ‘Fatty’ every time he saw me – in public, in school, everywhere.


  • I went to my grade 7 locker after school one day, only to find that my bullies had written disgusting words and phrases all over it. I told a teacher there was profanity on my locker and he said, “you’re gonna hear even more profanity if you don’t leave the school now; it’s past 4:00.”


  • During the field hockey unit in gym class, my arch-nemesis followed me around and purposely tried to hit me in the shins with field hockey balls.


  • I was told after almost every gym class that I was “useless.” I was called “Useless” as though it were my first name.


  • I was talking to someone in my Home Economics class and two people working across from me looked at each other, rolled their eyes then snickered.


  • On the playground, I was told by the ‘popular’ kids where I could sit, what equipment I was allowed to play on, and where I could stand to wait for the bell.

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