Do You Believe in Karma?

People (including Justin Timberlake) have often discussed karma: what goes around comes around. It is a part of Buddhist philosophy (I think? I’m pretty sure that’s right) and arguably, it’s people’s favourite; the notion that if you are a good person you will accept good things into your life and be surrounded by goodness and equivocally, if you are a fucking douchebag, you will eventually see fruitlessness and upset as a result of your selfish, pigheaded, negative horrible acts. It’s kind of the universe’s way of punishing and rewarding that goes beyond simple negative and positive reinforcement by the law or your authorities. People who swear by this philosophy claim that it runs much deeper than a slap on the wrist and even if it takes years for punishment of any kind to take hold, eventually it will be given out in the same magnitude that it was inflicted. This is apparently designed to regulate balance in the universe.

I like the idea of “karma”; sometimes I don’t know if I believe it works out all the time, but the idea that it eventually will, whenever the universe decides it is an opportune time to strike, is comforting. Why is it comforting? Because I like revenge in any form it takes, given out to those who deserve it, whenever it is the best time for them to deserve it. Conversely, I like the idea that the good will be rewarded with goodness. I’m not by any means a religious person, but I definitely consider myself a spiritual person, and to me the idea of “karma” provides comfort that those who wronged me will eventually get what is coming to them or thatthat my good deeds or perseverence will pay off one day.

I’ve definitely seen examples of karma at work in my own life and so I do believe it to be true; I can only hope however, that karma will rear its ugly head whilst filling gaps that I feel deservedly need to be filled. Time will tell, and that’s okay. I love revenge, but I’m happy with relaxing on the blankets of goodness that lie on the grassy hill of my own satisfied contentment. Possibly those who deserve to face the ruthlessness of karma are currently settling into the enjoyment of their own lives, paying little mind to disaster that they have unwittingly invited into their lives.


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