It’s another miserable day in the dystopia that is Edmonton.

Outside, it looks like a war zone; inside, the office is quiet and solitary and it feels as if we’re the only people left on earth and we are just biding our time, awaiting the end of something we’re unsure will ever end.

Will it ever end? This is a question I ask myself every single morning when I wake up. The air outside is windy and leaves that bone-in chill; the snow scatters like fire ash and swirls around in the brittle wind. Frost thickly coats the corners of my windows and fog pools in the river valley. I look at the forecast for a sign of sunshine or hope, and there isn’t any. In two weeks, there is no projected hope or break in this cloudy winter sespool at all; no green trees, no sunsets, no rainbows or even spring showers; just gray, gloomy, windy flurries being pushed at our feet, that we as Edmontonians have been forced to endure since November. It’s been five straight months of winter now. The fact that this weekend marked the beginning of the spring season feels like a cruel joke. The misery and the wind chill won’t let up. I’m losing my patience. I lost my patience in December. I lost patience in the middle of November when it was -20 and windy and miserable… despite that it’s at least temperate enough to go outside and walk home now without IMMENSE suffering admittedly does help, but not much. Not when there isn’t sun, or warmth… not when the forecast reads a decent -4 but the wind tells us it really “feels like” -10. I feel sluggish, tired out, unproductive, lazy, chilly, feverish and all-together fed up. Absolutely 100% done. No. More. Edmonton. Winter.

Never ever ever again. Ever.


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