Beth and Amrita are best friends; they’re the kind of friends you can’t play Taboo with because they get each other’s clues all the time, and speak in Inside-Joke. Beth was telling me at our end-of-term bender that Amrita was stressed out. ‘Stressed out’? I think those were the words she used… but who knows on a night like that, right? I can hardly remember being at the Garneau Pub, let alone talking with Beth about anything specifically.
When I looked at Amrita after Beth had told me… something… about her – she didn’t look any different. Still hot, just chit-chatting with Joshua. I wanted to high-five him, you know? Amrita’s a really pretty girl.
I ran into Joshua at the bar when he was getting another round of shots of the table – on him, of course – that smooth son-of-a-bitch. And he told me that he was gonna take off with Amrita. I asked him if that was cool, you know? Because they’re friends and she’s Beth’s best friend and all that. Shit can get awkward when friends hook up. No, Joshua said. It’s cool. I think he said, “We just really like each other.”
Whatever Beth told me that night (I remembered it then), I recited it for Joshua verbatim. He looked stone-faced. He looked kind of pale. And I asked him if it was going to be okay and he kind of stumbled a bit back to the table, but he didn’t drop the shots. We all did them and Amrita was still smiling and happy and warm, but Joshua downed his disdainfully… we all noticed it and Amrita did too. And that was when she said she had to go. Joshua followed her out and before she did, Beth rushed over and kissed her on the cheek; they were always doing stuff like that – they really love each other a lot, like sisters. It was really cute.
I’m kind of a snoop, I guess – so I looked out the window at Joshua and Amrita over top of my beer. They both looked alright; and then they kissed. Not just one of those pussy-foot kisses either but some major shit. Amrita was hugging him and her leg was curled up in the iar and her ankles were showing. They looked at each other holding hands. I glanced around at my friends and no one else had seen the kiss. I looked again out the window; Amrita had taken off and Joshua watched her for a moment then came back in. We all laughed at him and he was quiet and blushing.


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