Joshua had a thing for Amrita. I mean, I’m sure Kendall does too. I’m sure every guy who even meets Amrita has a thing for her. But Joshua told me once. We were together in my living room watching a movie but not really watching and he said, “Liz… I have a crush on someone.”
I didn’t really know what to say; it’s not often your male best friend tells you he has a thing for a girl; especially Joshua. He’s just not really like that.
“Who?!” I asked. I think I sounded a bit too eager to figure it out. But he told me: Amrita.
“So go for her,” I said.
“She’s my friend; I can’t just ‘go for her’.”
“You could, I bet. Be a man. Girls like that.”
He then launched into this tangent about her; this one time they had lunch I guess – same class break or whatever – and she was wearing this popcorn-knit hat and her lips were a shiny pink and she said something to him—I kind of forget what it was—and he melted and his insides felt weak and he was smiling all afternoon and that was how he knew he loved Amrita; it was painful to be around her, he didn’t know what to do.
“Well we’re all going for drinks next week,” I said. “Let loose with her; maybe something will happen.”
“I would die,” he said. He sounded like an excited little boy, and my heart melted.
So that night came… and Amrita said she wasn’t feeling well. Damn it. “Well I’ll take off when you do, but I think you should stay for a bit… I mean, how often do we all get together and do this?” I said to her as we walked.
“You’re right,” she said between little dry coughs.
When we took off our coats and settled in at our table, the waitress came over and we all ordered beers and water. I sat with Beth and Kendall so that Joshua could sit with Amrita. I smiled at him slyly when he sat down; he didn’t notice.
I looked at them across the table exchanging cozy phrases. Their words melded together, fused with winks and lips.
The night skipped along and we were all rip-roaring drunk; the kind of drunk where your friends dare you to yell out dirty words and you think this sounds like the world’s greatest idea. It was last call but Joshua, his shyness now drank away, said “we can still go to the Garneau Pub!”
We paid our bill, leaving a drunken generous tip; we all rushed out into the cold; Joshua helped Amrita with her coat. He called her ‘Amie’; only her mom called her that. They lingered behind us as we jogged hurriedly against the wind, our faces pressed against the palpable air.
The pub was almost dead when we got there but it seemed we packaged the party up and carried it with us; once we started ordering more beer, people flocked in and soon a whole bunch of post-partiers were there playing VLTs and dancing drunkenly to the hair metal that played in the background. We all ordered a slice of pizza. The darkness was weighty outside and loomed in front of the window like ghosts.
Amrita was cuddly with Joshua but I was the only one who noticed I think; I looked over at Beth who was arguing with Kendall about whether Mulan was Chinese or Japanese; I acted as the mediator and I also forgot about Joshua and Amrita. He was lucky though, I remember thinking; Amrita was the prettiest girl I had ever seen, that most people had ever seen. Horrible self-esteem, she had; always criticizing herself and pulling at loose skin from her jutting hips, citing it as fat; she would press it back and forth with her fingers like she was making sausages from play dough. But she was damn pretty; big sparkling eyes, long black hair, a smooth, toned voice and a tiny, tiny frame… gorgeous girl. And there was Joshua, the envy of every guy in the bar, tickling her and saying something in her ear. I glanced over at Beth and she wasn’t paying attention, falling all over herself, chugging a pint.
The last thing I remember is seeing Amrita step outside with Joshua. Just seeing her off, he said; and we all laughed at him. He blushed and I knew just by looking at his burgundy-flushed cheek-filled smile.


One thought on “Liz

  1. aw i really like this storyffs! is this where it ends? is the narrator supposed to kind of sound like maybe she has a thing for josh? it didn’t seem totally unbiased.

    love youffs!

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