-Do you want to stay the night?
-It’s cold in your apartment though.
-Well, we can always grab an extra blanket from the closet. I have lots. Stay.
-I can’t.
-Don’t get mad!
-I’m not mad. I just want you to stay.
-You sound mad.
-Drop it. I’m not mad. I just wish you’d stay for once.
-It’s not that I don’t want to.
-Well it is that you don’t want to. No matter what the reason is, there is a reason you don’t want to stay. We can work it out, right?
-Why maybe? Come on…
-It’s complicated.
-Come on, I’ve known you like, forever.
-‘Forever’. That’s what they’re calling five months these days.
-Five months is a long time.
-We’ve only been dating for three though.
-I have to go.
-It’s not you, it’s—
-If you say ‘it’s me’, I’m breaking up with you now.
-Unlike most people who say that, I actually mean it.
-How the hell would I know that for sure?
-If you want me to trust you, you’ll have to trust me.
-Just stay.
-I really can’t.
-Why do we always have to go through this?
-I could ask you the same question.
-Because I’m dealing with trauma, okay?
-Yes, trauma. That word that implies I was once in peril and then I wasn’t anymore could still feel the peril. That trauma.

-Well don’t look so bewildered.
-What kind of trauma?
-None of your business. It’s none of anyone’s business, just leave it be and let me go home.
-Okay… I wish you would tell me.
-Maybe one day when we’ve known each other for actual forever.
-How long will that be?
-I dunno… long enough.


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