Here’s to Friends

Here’s to the people that were there before your boyfriend and are mainstays in your life if only because they know you better than anyone else, but for so many other reasons as well; they’re the ones who will laugh with you over things that any guy would find immature and overly-feminine.  They’re the ones with whom you can confide about topics that are totally foreign to the men in your life.  They’re the people that you are 100% comfortable around and with whom you form a strong and unbreakable sisterhood that is one of the most important relationship foundations in your life.  They’re the people you go away with for a weekend and rekindle your sense of juvenile fun by throwing in bad pop song references, fancy rainbow-coloured martinis and pretty party dresses.  They’re the ones that you don’t need to feel self-conscious around when you’re in your bathing suit, and who you can hug without feeling a pull of tension.  They’re the ones who won’t judge your love of self-photography and tacky, useless souvenirs. 

Here’s to the three people that I love most of all, who have seen me through everything and who can look back on three years of bonding and STILL have memories to make, jokes to recount and memories to laugh about. 

Here’s to the most epic people I will ever know.


One thought on “Here’s to Friends

  1. Aw that’s exactly how I feel about you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you so much too. SOOOOOOOOO much. My life would be empty without you.

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