Here is What I’m Grateful For in October 2010

-Coming home on the LRT after an Oilers win and screaming so much your voice hurts and you have a headache (from noise combined with adrenaline and altitude-altering Rexall draft) and hearing everyone shouting how much the Flames suck and chanting “WE WANT THE CUP!”. Oiler pride charms me very much.

-My very best friends in the universe and their amazing and indescribable qualities that make me happy and make me the luckiest person in the universe; nobody has best friends as amazing as mine are.

-The fact that I have the car of my dreams and it is a brilliant, beautiful blue and yes, I am afraid to take it out alone, but… the fact that I have it possesses power that allows me freedom in mind, if not quite in body… yet.

-My freedom from past burdens that used to make me intangibly afraid. I’m free of them now.

-Meeting Frank Warren. Holy Ef.

-Clothes. They’re pretty.

-The friends I have in other places far away who I can always count on, and who are amazing, even in their physical absence.

-The impending finish of my grad school portfolio.



-The discovery of great new music, and the appreciation and awesome feeling that comes from when your favourite artists ever release new records, which happen to coincide with the time of your birthday!

-Ice cream.

-Grant MacEwan. I love it every day.

-The people who significantly weakened and debilitated me and knowing they don’t have any power over me anymore, for one reason or another. And knowing that in my own way, even in small ways, I won.


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