11 Songs, 11 Days, Part 2

Today’s song is one from one of the first non-pop, non-boy band songs that I ever loved, from one of the first records I ever owned that wasn’t of the latter milieu. 

Travis – Why Does it Always Rain on Me?

God, I love this song. I still do. It is to me, what sad songs are all about; the sad-sack lyrics, the violin (tiny or otherwise), and yet… the optimism.  Of a line like, “sunny days, where have you gone?/I get the strangest feeling you belong”, say – that while times are tough, there is always hope, the hope that comes from feeling as though happiness ‘should’ be there.

I acquired this CD through my high school best friend, Columbia House Record Club.  And I wasn’t sure what to expect; all I knew about Travis was that they made The Invisible Band, an album I picked up at Wal Mart one year after an impromptu viewing of the “Sing” video on Much Music’s The New Music the Tuesday prior. I turned on this album and noticed three things: 1) I loved “Driftwood”; 2) “Writing to Reach You” has very similar chords to “Wonderwall” (later in life, I saw Fran Healy perform live and solo acoustic and found out this was intentional); 3) I loved, could hopelessly relate to, and felt completely connected with “Why Does it Always Rain On Me?”… even lyrics like the follow-up line, “is it because I lied when I was seventeen?” are endearing and even a bit pathetic, but with that comes empathy.

I’ve never since been tired of this song in all its drippy romance and sweet, charming sentiments. 


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