11 Songs in 11 Days, Part 1

In 11 days, I turn 24 years old! So what I wanted to do was look at 11 songs that, between the ages of 14 and 23, meant a lot to me and encapsulated certain times, memories and important aspects of my life and personality. Starting with….

Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body

When I worked at Maligne Lodge between spring break 2003 and Thanksgiving of my graduating year, Justin Timberlake’s debut album was the sickest record on the block.  Hit after hit after hit played again and again and again on the radio and Much Music, and when I listen to any of those singles, I think of cleaning rooms… in a good way.

I remember one day, my co-worker and I were tag-teaming a room and Rock Your Body came on; she said, “this song is so fucking stupid; look, it’s the end of the song – am I naked? Is Miya naked? NO!”  And I mean, she’s right… I wasn’t naked. But JT has enough prowess in his voice and swanky over-produced videos to make any girl secretly (ever-so-secretly even) wish to be.  He was the high school aphrodisiac.

Rock Your Body was probably – well, might be actually – JT’s best song to date.  It’s the catchiest, with THEE riff to end all pop riffs, and the video, simplistic but workable, shows of Timberlake’s off-the-hook moves and sex appeal. Even a white tracksuit and some… flying?… couldn’t take away all the wicked qualities of Rock Your Body

I think what I appreciate the most about Justin Timberlake is that he has truly proved everyone wrong, myself included; when former boy band members break out on their own and try to forge a successful career, the results are typically…………… not good.  JT is a fantastic actor, comedian, singer, songwriter, producer, dancer and widely regarded as one of the coolest, most stylish people on the planet when he’s at his peak of popularity, success and in the limelight.  This song/video for me, kind of demonstrate that best; and also, it’s always been a favourite of mine, and reminds me of a time when I was looking forward to the summer, because it was my gateway into graduation and leaving Jasper, but it was also a summer where I yelled across the parking lot to one of my co-workers, Kaitlyn, “It feels like something’s heatin’ up, can I leave wit you?” and she called back, “I don’t know what I’m thinkin’ bout, really leavin’ wit you!” and then we got in trouble.  Yes, in all capacities, I owe my post-grade 11 summer to JT. R-r-r-rock your body…



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