Relief, Regret?

To borrow one from Brian Kinney, “if you don’t earn respect when you’re alive, you don’t deserve it when you’re dead.” He says this after his own father’s death. Moving. Powerful. Sensible. True.

It’s such a relief; knowing that someone who disrespected me has passed away allows me for freedom and a certain kind of closure that I’ve wanted for fifteen years. 

On the other hand, what that means is, someone went to their grave and they get to rest in peace and be respected and beloved by a supportive community when they didn’t deserve that kind of love and respect; and yet, someone’s family gets peace of mind, knowing that their relative is resting peacefully, while possessing only fond, happy memories.  And to me, that doesn’t seem fair.

And that’s life; it means many different things to many different people; a redundant statement, yes, but something that one doesn’t think about often enough.  Life isn’t a case of good versus evil, life isn’t a case of wrong versus right; life is a case of perspective.

I regret slightly, not shedding light on what I feel is the RIGHT perspective.  I could have; it may have cost me in the short-term, but I could have.  Instead, I am sitting here envisioning a stereotypically cartoon gravestone with the letters “R.I.P” written on it. And that is all it really needs to say.


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