Summer 2010

With the summer ending (which is always a sad time, as so much is forgiven in the summer; wasted a time, a lack of reading and writing, a lack of keeping track of one’s consumed calories, etc.), I wanted to look back upon the 2010 summer season and ask myself, “was 2010 an awesome summer?”

Well….. it wasn’t as good as the summer of 2007.  The summer of 2007 is akin to Bryan Adams’ “Summer of ‘69”. It was that good.  But, the summer of 2007 also sets an untouchable gold standard of awesome that has yet to be reached by any other summer.  But… Summer 2010? Close enough.

This summer began with a date that never was, than dates that were but never were after that, than me finding my inner Helen Reddy.  So that was an adventure.  And then after I channelled Helen’s unforgettable statement (also sang by the Sex and the City ladies oh-so-wonderfully in Sex and the City 2… yes, it was panned. But see it anyways), I became this new person who doesn’t actually give a shit about men anymore. Overrated hacks, they are.  I suddenly remembered, “hey – you know what’s important to me? Writing! Reading! Being an accomplished person!” And I spent my summer attempting to accomplish goals that matter, goals that are certain, rather than goals that are flighty and result in emotional red tape and hurt feelings and waiting for that Goddamn phone call or text message that never arrives… seriously – it NEVER arrives.

Another thing I did this summer was experience the pure unadulterated majesty that is Peggy’s Cove, the amazing City of Halifax (aka the BEST CITY EVER, ANYWHERE), and ate the ever-so-amazing s’more crème brulee, a true culinary vision, a treasure, the gold doubloon of the treasure chest that was my holiday smorgasbord.  The Maritimes were AMAZING – it was a trip full of history, literature, GORGEOUS scenery, food, lobster, sunsets, harbour fronts, boats, sails and happiness. Pure, pure, wonderful happiness. I think I re-nourished my soul being there for even just six days.

I also had some truly wonderful days this summer as well; for instance, going to Capital Ex with my friends (as we do every year) was phenomenally excellent; again, the food was so bad, and so good – and the rides were epic, and SIP – I shall never forget my first experience with SIP and the sparkling shiraz.  Amazement overcame my tastebuds and I was drunk on excitement, and alcohol!

Some fantastic records were released this summer that allowed me to truly reacquaint myself with some of my all-time favourite artists including: David Gray, Josh Ritter, Ray LaMontagne, Kate Nash, and so on and so forth.  Music made the summer free and easy and fantastic.  And along with the albums that were released, was my second honeymoon with Name that Tune.  How I love that game.  The thrill of winning and the cutthroat nature of competition wasn’t really known to me until playing Name that Tune. 

My summer life in 2010 was full of miniature adventures, of food, of music, of exploits like trying my hand at running again (and loving it, and surprising myself with how easy it is to run forever when you’re in shape!) and being afraid of the green stuff inside of a lobster’s body; it was full of theatre and movies and festivals and concerts, such as Fran Healy’s solo show (and meeting him once again, and delighting in his amazingly generous personality and unaffected kindness towards his fans).  It was a beautiful, long, exciting, relaxing, freeing summer which also allowed me to realize my goals, which are as plain as the hazy hot-red sunsets that still amaze me when I catch them from my livingroom window.  Yes, it was amazing.

Technically, summer continues onward until September 21. I will try to make the next three weeks then, as lengthy and full as possible before the chill in the air that is already flirting with the city, rests its pretty head on my lap for months to come.

Goodbye, summer – until we meet again!  You were actually worthwhile this time around.


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