Five Reasons For True, Unabridged Happiness (In General Terms)

Material Wealth. It’s a rarity and I’m glad that I’ve come into it in terms of both worldly material possessions, and monetary income.

Literature. Lucy Maud Montgomery, despite the lunacy that is Anne Shirley, is revolutionizing the way I think about Canadian literature, the east coast, and the brilliance of a well-developed, well-carved character forever.

Security. Now that I have it, I couldn’t be more grateful. To be more grateful, would pose impossibility and difficulty of comprehension.

. I don’t need to say much except that I’ve come to know and truly, truly, truly find the meaning of beauty in David Gray’s “Foundling”.

. My eyes are still recovering from the colours that are used to paint the PEI North Shore canvas, that are used to fill in the numbered blocks of Halifax’s Harbourfront, that exist in the world of the East Coast in both literal, and figurative senses in terms of vibrancy, glee and pure satisfaction.


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